Handmade Buddhist Vajra Charm Bangle

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Handmade Buddhist Vajra Charm Bangle

This Handcrafted Master piece is made from all natural Copper Braid Rope . A Protective Vajra Charm is added to the Center to symbolize indestructibility and Irresistible force.

Vajra Charm: In Sanskrit, dorje is called 'vajra' which means 'thunderbolt' or 'diamond,' The vajra is considered to be like a diamond because it has the ability to destroy (all evil) but cannot be destroyed. 

The "thunderbolt of enlightenment" is the abrupt change in human consciousness, a pivotal episode in life where one becomes enlightened that true happiness comes from within and not from external mediums. This realisation allows a person to detach from the illusions of the material. The thunderbolt It is used as a symbol to destroy ignorance and has been known as the 'Thunderbolt Way' or the 'Diamond Way.' The thunderbolt experience is a powerful and irresistible force of enlightenment. It is a symbol of union of the relative truth that we experience in everyday life, and absolute truth that is the timeless state of being unified with nature and everything around us. When the dorje sign is worn, they remind the wearer of the indestructibility of knowledge.

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  • 100% Handmade
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