Care Instructions




All of the beads we carry have been hand strung with care by craftspeople and artisans.  Some designs are more durable than others.  Some are more decorative.  A larger bead, more often, has a larger hole, and will allow for a stronger cord.  A smaller bead must be strung on thinner cord.  Please keep this in mind when shopping for wearable vs daily use malas.  We do our best to select cording appropriate for the bead but in most cases, bigger will be stronger.


Do not always mix.  Treat your traditional jewelry and malas like you would your grandmother's pearls.  The cording on your mala may be of natural fiber.  Over time the soaps, oils, lotions, and salt from your skin and hand washing or showering with your beads will rot the cord.  Even some synthetic cords can wear quickly when exposed to frequent moistures and residues from skin if worn constantly.  It may require restringing sooner so keep an eye on the cord for any signs of breakage if you do wear your malas against your skin constantly.


You can wash your beads only if necessary.  Wash them by hand with just warm water or a small amount of liquid dish soap if necessary.  Pat dry and hang.  You can re-oil your bodhi seed beads, and add a fragrance if you choose.  Rub a small amount of organic walnut oil, beeswax, or mineral oil in your hand along with an essential oil (optional) and then rub into your wood/seed seeds thoroughly.  If you live in a dry climate this may need to be done every few months to maintain the beads but otherwise once a year may be sufficient.   Over time your natural beads will darken.  This is a normal process.


Every monk and nun must restring their mala from time to time.  It is part of their practice.  With that being stated, if you feel your mala broke prematurely, please do let us know and we would be happy to replace or repair whenever possible.  We can also supply cord and sometimes replacement beads if you are interested in practicing the stringing process yourself.  We are here with words of encouragement as well!



Most of our fabric items & Apparel are handmade and will vary in color from item to item.  We do our best to select products and suppliers for consistency.  Please be aware that colors you see online do not always appear the same in person due to lighting, computer monitor inconsistency, and the natural dye process.  


We have clear instructions on how to handle and wash your fabric items on every product page.

Most fabrics are machine washable and only a few  fabrics should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned when possible. If your garment does not have a Care and Washing instructions tag please contact us for further details. 

If your wall hanging arrives with some minor wrinkles from shipping they will usually fall out on their own or with a light steam from the bathroom or steamer.  Please contact us if there is damage to your item upon arrival.