Tiger's Eye - The stone of freedom

April 19, 2019 5 min read

Tiger's Eye - Tiger eye stone - Eye of a tiger stone

Tiger’s eye – The Stone of Freedom

Tiger's eye is a mineral and belongs to the quartz stones. Due to its distinctive golden-brown colour and its glowing shimmer, tiger's eye is often used as a gemstone for jewellery. However, it is also a very powerful healing stone with many therapeutic properties – for body as well as mind and soul! As a talisman, it also unfolds its protection against negative energies. Read on and learn more about tiger's eye!




History, origin and characteristics

Tiger's eye derives from another quartz called falcon eye. When it decays, the pseudomorphosis of crocidolite to quartz along with the incorporation of iron, give rise to the golden-brown shimmering tiger's eye. Its chemical composition contains silicon, manganese dioxide, calcium, iron and magnesium.

This exotic quartz is also referred to as the "Stone of Freedom", since the ancient Greeks and Arabs believed in its power to strengthen the intuition, personal power as well as the joy and insight, which allow the owner of the tiger's eye to make well-founded decisions.

Tiger's eye stones are found mainly in South Africa, Namibia and Western Australia. Other well-known localities are India, China, Myanmar, the Ukraine as well as Canada and the USA.

The physical healing power of tiger's eye

Tiger's eye is indicated as a healing stone for physical ailments such as headache, migraine, and sinusitis. Even for asthma and bronchitis it is attributed a healing power and it is often used for common cold symptoms and flu. It also promotes the strengthening and preservation of bones and joints. Furthermore, it is applied in the maintenance and acceleration of the metabolism. In addition, tiger's eye can help to heal the liver, kidneys and bladder as well as intestines, as it acts on the solar plexus chakra and its associated organs. Thus, it can be used to assist the healing of kidney stones, bladder infections and digestive problems of all kinds.

In addition, tiger's eye has a healing effect on mental issues, such as depression, anxiety as well as general self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. It strengthens the nervous system, promotes a sense of balance and harmony and provides relaxation. Moreover, the tiger's eye has a positive effect on the mind and its ability to concentrate, making it a good luck charm for exams.

Regularly hold the tiger’s eye stone for a few minutes close to the affected area, or wear it as jewellery, in order to apply its healing power to your body. If you have joint problems on the arms and hands, you can wear it as a bracelet or gemstone in a ring until the symptoms subside. Especially for ailments that affect the head and neck area, it is beneficial if you wear it as a necklace.

Spiritual properties and use

Tiger’s eye is a protective stone and was used by our ancestors for thousands of years. It protects against curses, evil spirits and negative energies. This stone is also known for its ability to create emotional balance and to harmonise the needs of the individual.

When the tiger’s eye stone is placed in the house, it can spread its energy on the whole family and promote positive interaction and harmony in family relationships. Due to its balancing and harmonising effect, it protects against stress and overwhelm, and promotes grounding and stability. When worn as a jewellery or talisman, it increases your self-esteem and helps you to clear your mind. It promotes concentration and is often used to organise one’s thoughts and release mental stress. The tiger’s eye healing stone can even reduce depression and anxiety.

To use its energetic effect on your mind and emotions, you can wear it as a gemstone on the body. If you wish to intensify its power, then place it on your solar plexus during meditation, approximately midway between your navel and ribs. Here it acts on your energetic centre, promoting your self-esteem, self-confidence, inner strength and willpower.

The eye that sees everything

With the help of tiger’s eye, you can intensify your vision. Like other gems associated with the solar plexus chakra, tiger's eye helps to see clearly, both physically and spiritually, by deepening the perception. It promotes the ability to observe and comprehensively assess situations. Above all, it helps you to see yourself and heightens your intuition. These properties of foresight, introspection and deeper awareness, as well as strengthening the gut feeling, make the tiger's eye an extremely useful companion when having to make major decisions. To use its powerful effect on your vision, place the tiger's eye on your forehead during meditation, between your eyebrows where your third eye is.

The Stone of Freedom

Tiger’s eye is also known as the "Stone of Freedom" because it helps in making important decisions. The tiger’s eye stone helps you to clearly state which decision is right for you. Not only does it promote mental and emotional clarity, it also instils in you the confidence and courage you need to make big decisions in life. It gives you the freedom to do what feels right for you personally and to walk your path with courage and determination, even though others may not understand it. It grounds you deeply, helps you to implement your plans and take responsibility for your decisions. As an amulet, it protects you from negative energies and attacks on your personality.

Artists and writers also use the tiger’s eye stone to solve creative blockages. As a "Stone of Freedom," it helps you to overcome your fears and limiting thought patterns and free yourself from your blockages. As a result, creativity can flow freely again and with it the ideas. Tiger's eye is very useful for people with great creative potential, both spiritual and intellectual, who, however, find it difficult to put their potential into practice. Therefore, it is especially recommended to introverts who need an incentive to act.

Tiger's eye has a positive effect not only on the freedom of creation, but also on the inner sense of freedom, as it strengthens your connection to your personal power and facilitates the control of your thoughts. By freely choosing your personal attitude to a situation that you may not always be able to change, you can live your inner freedom. Tiger’s eye helps you with this.

As you can see, tiger's eye is not only a particularly beautiful gem, but also an extremely powerful healing stone and companion on your path of personal development. Have you already had experiences with tiger’s eye? Then leave a comment and tell us about it!

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