Seven methods to free yourself of negative energies

June 15, 2019 6 min read

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Seven methods to free yourself of negative energies

We humans are not only made of flesh and blood, we also have an energetic vibrational field that surrounds us: our aura or our energy body. We interact with our fellow human beings and our environment not only physically, but also energetically. On the level of our emotions, we usually perceive very easily the difference between positive and negative energy or a high and low frequency.

We often blame external circumstances or other people when we feel tired, overwhelmed and drained or things go wrong in our lives. Usually, however, this is primarily to do with ourselves. When we have negative thoughts, our vibration lowers, thus we perceive the lower frequencies in our environment. Hence, it is our own responsibility which energies we exchange with our environment.

Sometimes one thing after another goes wrong and we experience real bad luck. Read on and learn how to interrupt this! We have put together an overview of some methods that can purify your aura and free you from negative energies.

  1. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot

The first thing we should do when we get home is to take off our shoes. The ritual of taking off your shoes when entering a sacred place goes back to ancient traditions followed by Muslims, Buddhists and even Christians. By taking off our shoes and having our feet touching the ground, we discharge energy. There are around 1500 nerve endings at the sole of the foot. When walking barefoot, not only do you release negative energy, but you also connect with the earth. Even if you live in an apartment, the foundation of the building in which you live stands firmly on Mother Earth, which absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive.

  1. Cleansing baths

A full bath not only cleans the body of dirt particles. Water also purifies the energetic body, especially if you add the following highly effective ingredients to it:

Salt and vinegar:Add a handful of coarse salt and 7 drops of vinegar essence to your bathwater. If you do not have a bath, you can also put the concentrated salt-vinegar solution in a jar and wash yourself in the shower from the neck down. You can also fill a spray bottle and use it to spray the water with vinegar and salt on you. Salt has a neutralising effect on your aura. In addition, the acid vinegar thoroughly cleanses your energy body.

Herbs and flowers:Just as effective, but far more fragrant is a bath with fresh rosemary, laurel and rose petals. Rosemary purifies your aura and laurel not only has a cleansing and healing effect, but also a protective one. Roses have a very high vibrational frequency, which you can leverage on to lift your own. Of course, if you don’t have fresh herbs and flowers available, you can also use the dried version.

  1. Smudging

Smudging for energetic purification is one of the oldest practices of different cultures worldwide. Smoke cleanses and eliminates negative energies, dispels dark spirits and keeps evil away.

For this, use an incense burner or a clay bowl with a piece of round charcoal. We recommend you light the coal outdoors, because its smoke is bad for your health. Once the coal stops smoking and glows orange or white place dried herbs or resins on top of it and place the bowl on the floor.

The following herbs and resins are suitable for smudging:

Rosemary:This herb has cleansing and protective properties. Rosemary is often used in spiritual rituals, because it not only cleanses negative energies, it also attracts positive ones.

White Sage:This is one of the medicinal herbs used by Native Americans for centuries. Smoke with sage not only removes inappropriate vibrations and evil spirits, but also attracts good spirits and invites them to linger in our environment.

Laurel:Laurel leaves have powers to protect, heal, purify and strengthen the spirit. The use of laurel as a smudging herb prevents dark energies from accumulating.

Frankincense:Not only in the Catholic Church, frankincense is used in sacred ceremonies. This powerful resin is also prominent in Arabic culture. Frankincense cleanses and protects the environment effectively and sustainably.

Palo Santo:Shamans traditionally use Palo Santo to purify energies. Palo Santo means holy wood and comes from South America. You don’t have to place it on charcoal, just light it directly to unfold its fragrant and powerful smoke.

Incense sticks:Make sure that incense sticks are made of natural ingredients, not chemicals and artificial scents. Natural incense sticks that are suitable for energetic cleansing are for example Copal, Sandalwood and Nag Champa.

  1. Cleansing with gemstones

Gems are powerful allies from the world of minerals. They have existed on earth for millions of years and possess all the information necessary to heal our world and all beings living in it. It is up to us to see them.

The gemstones remind us that the qualities they possess are in each one of us. They have different properties and have a healing effect on corresponding aspects in us humans. The stones, which you intuitively choose as your companions will help you to heal and protect you from negative influences. There are certain gemstones that cleanse and release negative energies. These include, for example:

Tourmaline, Onyx and Obsidian:These pitch-black stones connect us to our lower chakras and help us purify them and recharge our batteries by connecting us to the earth. In

addition, they are often used for protective amulets because they not only dissolve negative energies but also keep them away.

Hematite:Hematite also has a grounding and protective effect. It helps releasing negative energies to the earth via the lower chakras and at the same time acts like an energetic shield on the one who carries it with him.

Amethyst:This is one of the most famous quartz crystals. Its violet light connects us with the upper chakras and cleanses them of energetic blockages and negative influences.

Tiger’s Eye:This powerful stone clears the energy field. It is also referred to as the Stone of Truth, because it connects its owner with the higher energy frequency of his personal truth.

Green Quartz:Through its colour, it connects us with nature, brings healing energy and promotes good health. It opens the heart chakra, which is also green, and cleanses it of sadness, grief and pain.

Rose quartz:It carries the high frequency of roses and is called the Stone of Love, because it acts, just like the green quartz, on the heart chakra. In its presence, no negative energy can prevail.

Crystal Quartz:Crystals increase the frequency and healing energy of other stones and can be used in conjunction with them. White crystals soothe us and bring clarity to our entire energy field.

  1. Harmonisation with sounds

Certain sounds heal, cleanse and release energy blockages. For sound purification, you can sing mantras or use instruments such as singing bowls, rattles or drums. The rhythm of the drum is known as the vehicle for enhanced states of consciousness. Mantras also cause a state of trance, in which the personal energy level increases significantly and everything negative is eliminated. The vibration of singing bowls can also act directly on the energy body and restore harmony.

  1. Sacred symbols

There are also some sacred symbols, which radiate a very high frequency and affect their surroundings. These include, for example, the pentagram, which has been used as early as in the Sumerian culture in magical rituals and as a protective amulet. The symbols of Sacred Geometry, such as the Flower of Life, also increase the vibration in the energy field of their environment. The Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol that connects with the divine and dissolves low energies in its environment. These symbols can be placed in the living space or worn as a necklace or bracelet on the body. As a result, they not only purify, but also protect.

  1. Visualise and ask for help

To cleanse your aura, you can also visualise white or golden light cleansing you and your environment. You can also ask for help from our spiritual guides anytime, anywhere. For example, call Archangel Michael with his sword and blue light to cleanse and protect your entire energy field. Alternatively, ask the Ascended Master Saint Germain with his violet flame to remove all negative energy from your aura and surroundings.

As you can see, there are many different ways to free yourself from negative energies. Just try, which is the most effective for you or the most practical in certain situations. Always keep in mind not only to cleanse yourself energetically but also to protect yourself. Especially necklaces and bracelets with gemstones or sacred symbols have a highly protective effect on your energy field.

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