Hematite – The Power of the Earth

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Hematite - health benefits of hematite

Hematite – The Power of the Earth

If there is a stone that effectively dissolves negative energies and attracts positive ones, then it is hematite. This particular stone is known for its metallic-silver colour when polished. As an elegant gemstone, it is often used in bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It is not only beautiful as jewellery, but also acts as a powerful healing stone for many physical and emotional ailments. After all, it promotes the balance of body, soul and spirit and thus fosters a general well-being.

History, origin and characteristics

Hematite is a mineral and the most common naturally occurring iron oxide. Its composition consists of 70% iron and almost 30% oxygen. The rest of the hematite comprises traces of other minerals like titanium, aluminium, and magnesium.

Characteristic is its trigonal crystal structure with triangular and hexagonal columns. Externally it is dull grey with a silver glow, but inside it is blood red. Hematite derived its name from the Greek word "haemateios" which means "bleeding". The fact that it colours the water blood red when it is grinded was supposedly the reason for its name. However, it should not be confused with the heliotrope, which is referred to as bloodstone. Already in the Palaeolithic era, iron ore was used for cave paintings because of its red colour. Even today, blood-red paintings of the first people in the world can be found on rock walls in South Africa and Namibia.

In ancient Egypt and Babylon, amulets were made of hematite. Hematite stones were also placed in the tombs of the pharaohs to protect the soul on the journey to the afterlife. In the antiquity, hematite was called specularite (mirror stone), due to its shiny metallic surface, and used for the manufacture of mirrors.

Well-known sites for hematite are Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Canada and Switzerland. In total, there are more than 14,000 hematite sites worldwide.

The physical healing power of hematite

Among all the positive effects hematite has as a healing stone on the human body, it is best known for its ability to purify the blood, stimulate blood circulation and form red blood cells. Generally, it promotes the absorption of iron in the small intestine and helps to balance iron deficiency. It assists with wound healing, anaemia and cardiovascular complaints. If you have hypertension, however, rather avoid hematite. Also in case of inflammation, it is not recommended to use hematite as it might worsen the condition.

Hematite has a stimulating effect on the root chakra and the associated organs and body areas. So it can be used for complaints on the feet, ankles, knees, hips, groins and the entire skeletal system. Furthermore, it is often used in the treatment of anxiety, nervous restlessness and insomnia. In addition, hematite has important healing properties for kidney disease, as it cleanses the kidneys and regenerates the tissues. It also provides emotional stability and balance due to its grounding effect, as it strengthens the sense of safety and security.

To relieve or heal pain, place the energy stone in the affected area. It works best when worn directly on the skin. As a bracelet, necklace or ring, hematite can transfer its healing properties to your body. You can also put it under your bed or pillow to promote a good night's sleep.

Spiritual properties and use

Hematite is a powerful energy stone that balances body, mind and soul. The properties of hematite include dissolving negative energies and preventing them from entering the aura. That way it acts like an energetic shield and is therefore often worn as an amulet. If you have a hematite stone, it will help you get centred, grounded, and stay in the here and now. In addition, it promotes concentration and rational thinking, down-to-earthness and purposefulness. By rooting your soul into your body, it helps you to overcome fears and strengthens your self-confidence as well as confidence in the world.

Hematite is considered to be highly effective on a psychological level, helping shy women gain self-esteem and self-confidence, strengthen their will and assertiveness, and build trust. In addition, hematite assists in taking responsibility and standing up for oneself.

Charge the power of the earth

Due to its high iron content, hematite is very grounding, which means, it connects you to the earth's magnetic field via your root chakra. It helps you to free yourself from fears and insecurities and to discard old ways of thinking. At the same time, you can charge your batteries with new life energy. As the earth's core consists mostly of iron, the hematite stone helps you connect with the power of nature and the core of your being. It literally anchors you to your body and the earth, helping you shape the material level of your life.

Hematite helps you making your dreams come true by grounding and protecting your energy and building a bridge between the material and immaterial worlds. By dissolving negative energies and attracting positive ones, you can trust that the realisation of your plans will unfold in an opportune way.

Meditate with hematite

If you have hematite stones, use their positive power by placing them directly on your skin while you meditate. Hold them in your hands or place them on your belly button to ground you and promote a state of deep meditation. Use hematite during visualisations to help manifest your plans for the future. During body scan meditations, you can also benefit from the grounding and concentration-promoting effects of hematite. In particular, if you are aiming for out of body experiences, you should use hematite because it protects your body and your soul. In everyday life, you can harness the energetic power of hematite by wearing it as a jewellery directly on the body.

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