Five secrets to the law of attraction

June 29, 2019 6 min read 2 Comments

Five secrets to the law of attraction

Five secrets to the law of attraction 

We reap what we sow. This is even written in the Bible, and this principle is based on the law of attraction. Ever since the movie The Secret, the principle of the law of attraction has become very popular. Many have tried to put it into practice – sometimes with a better, sometimes worse result. The law of attraction does indeed work, but it is often not explained exactly how. Here are five secrets of how to use this law effectively for you. 

The law of attraction is easier than it seems. You just need to know how the principle of mental and emotional attraction works and how to use it. If you have already tried to implement the principle, but not always got the results or not in the speed you expect, then read on. 

  1. Visualise even the smallest detail 

The first key to the power of attraction is to know exactly what you want, and to imagine it in every detail and with all your senses. 

It is fundamental that you are clear about what you want. Let's say you want a new necklace. It is not enough if you imagine just any necklace. Be clear to the smallest detail about what kind of jewellery should decorate your neck. How long is the necklace? Is it made of silver, gold or any other material? Does it have a gemstone pendant, beads or a symbol? How do you open and close it? It is very important to have as much information as possible to visualise what you want to have. And more importantly, how does it feel when you have it? Imagine how the necklace feels around your neck and the pendant on your chest. Feel how happy you are when you look at yourself in the mirror with it.2. Gratitude for what you are and already have 

Be aware of how well you are and appreciate what you already own. Enjoy each day without having achieve anything to be happy. 

It’s very important to feel gratitude for the abundance that you already have in your life: health, a job, a flat, plenty of food every day, hobbies, friends and family, a cell phone, internet, running water, etc. Often we see what we have as a matter of course and focus only on what we are missing. However, out of this scarcity mind-set, the law of attraction does not work. When we feel lack, we manifest that very thing – the feeling of not having enough or not having arrived yet. 

So practice gratitude. Make a list of all the big and small things that you are grateful for in your life. Write down things that have not materialised yet and feel grateful in advance. If you feel grateful, then you're putting that into your life – more reasons to be grateful! 

  1. Have your fear under control 

Even the worst case that could happen is never as bad as you think. Mostly everything turns out well. Have faith and don’t be misled by your irrational fears. Because if you fear that you will not reach your goal and your wishes will not come true, then the law of attraction can’t work in your favour. 

If you allow yourself to be limited by your fear and your doubts, the universe will give you back what you radiate: fear and doubt. The worst that can happen to you is never as bad as you think and you can always overcome it. It’s not uncommon for us to even be happy in the aftermath of things going wrong, as we see in retrospect that it was better that way. Have faith in life. If you trust that you succeed in life and the universe aspires to assist you, then you can realise your craziest dreams with the law of attraction! 

  1. Take care of your body and mind 

You are the main actor in your life. It will not work without you. Spoil yourself and indulge. Allow your body a healthy diet, sufficient exercise as well as rest and sleep. Dress yourself to your taste and feel comfortable in your skin. Watch your thoughts and meditate so that you can walk mindfully and calmly through life. 

All these small details directly affect your mood and give the law of attraction more power. Take care of your body and your mind, do the things that make you happy and for which you are passionate! Because when you are well and feel good, then you radiate this energy into the universe and what you radiate comes back to you – this is the law of attraction. 

  1. Always think positively 

See the glass as half full. The rain is always followed by sunshine. In every experience, there is a lesson that makes us grow. See the positive side in everything you experience! Practice positive thinking. Positive thoughts are a habit like any other, you can train them. And let's be honest – if something doesn’t go the way we expect, it's usually because it was necessary to achieve our goals, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Isn’t it? 

Of course, we are all human and it is clear that sometimes we get annoyed, hurt and disappointed and just can’t help but think negatively. As long as we don’t dwell in our negative thoughts for too long and remain stuck, this is not a drama. However, we have to be careful so that we don’t go into a downward spiral. Because the law of attraction works even with negative thoughts – and we create our bad luck! 

Don’t panic if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts because fear will not help you either. So try to let go of negativity and see the positive in everything. Because when you radiate positivity, you will receive positive things. 

Hasn’t ever something bad happened to you and later, in retrospect, you realised that because of this misfortune, many other things have happened, which you are grateful for today? That is, the obvious misfortune became a blessing. Sometimes negative events are the seed of something good, and that way you should see them. Attitude is the keyword. 

These five secrets will help you to be happy and accept responsibility for your life despite all the circumstances. This will enable you to accomplish whatever you desire in your life. If you don’t get in your own way, then nobody else will! 

Three application areas for the law of attraction 

Now that you know how the law of attraction works, you certainly want to know how to use it for specific purposes. Here are three examples: 

  1. For interpersonal relationships. Believe it or not, the law of attraction can be a natural and 

healthy way out of various types of family and love conflicts. All you have to do is visualise and, above all, feel the kind of relationships you want to have. It also helps when you focus on the positive in the people that surround you instead of nagging about their mistakes. Feel grateful for the people in your life! Everyone makes mistakes – forgive and trust. 

  1. For your career. When it comes to relationships, we often have a hard time because there are so many feelings involved. When it comes to work though, it is usually easier for us to achieve results with the law of attraction. Whether you want to start a new business, be 

promoted or have a career change in mind. Realise your plans with the law of attraction rather than hard work, stress and struggle. 

  1. For your health. Some people manage to change their state of health just by the power of their mind. Thinking positively, visualising, and feeling gratitude once you're sick is a challenge. Therefore, practice maintaining your health by being mindful, taking care of your thoughts and caring for your well-being. 

Once you got the hang of it, you can apply the law of attraction in all walks of life. And you will be glad that it is so simple after all: We reap what we sow.

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Murray Glaskin
Murray Glaskin

June 30, 2019

Thank you for the above reading. Very greatfull.

Ricco Cleveland
Ricco Cleveland

June 29, 2019

I appreciate this knowledge and i am going to apply to my life, thanks and send me more!

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