Are you ready for spring?

March 21, 2019 4 min read

Are you ready for spring?

Are you ready for spring?

The days are getting longer and although the clocks will soon be set to summer time again, now it is the time for spring. March 21st is officially the beginning of the new season. This year, spring coincides with a full moon, the third super moon in a row! In addition, the new astrological year is starting at the same time. Well, does this not sound like a promising spring start! Are you ready for the new season? We compiled a few ideas and thoughts on the subject of spring. Allow yourself to be inspired!

Get out of hibernation

The cold and dark season is over. According to ancient tradition, the carnival was the time to chase away the spirits of winter and now the time has come: spring! The first snowdrops and crocuses sprout, the migratory birds return and the sun is back. On March 21st, the sun is directly at the celestial equator, which means that the day is just as long as the night – both last exactly twelve hours. From now on, the days are not shorter than the nights anymore, as in winter, but are getting increasingly longer, until summer solstice on June 21st. Nature awakens to new life – awaken your spirit, too!

Spring-cleaning – tidy up!

Are you ready for the new season? Spring is famous for spring-cleaning. A full moon is known as the perfect time to let go of the old and start a new cycle. This full moon is also a super moon, the third in a row. In addition, the astrological New Year begins in the sign of Aries. Use this powerful time not only clean up your apartment but also internally. Say goodbye to old thought patterns, habits, and emotional burden to start spring with ease and joy while remaining open for the new to manifest in your life. Make room in your closet, in the attic and above all in your heart! After all, spring is also the season of spring fever.

Spring fever – time for love

Nature awakens: the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and in the animal kingdom it is mating season. We humans, too, can feel the season of the famous spring fever. It is the perfect season to fall in love again. If you are still single then let the sun lure you out from your winter hideaway and prepare for meeting someone, flirting and dating.

If you are already in a relationship, spring is still a good way to revive spring fever. Because love wants to be taken care of, just like a plant, and the spring season of a relationship is a prerequisite, so that it can grow, mature, and finally bear fruit. Like nature, love is subject to cycles, and spring fever can be revived and flourish each year anew.

Ultimately, spring fever can arise in your heart and does not need to be directed to a partner or flirt. Just the season is enough to make you feel lighter, happier and carefree – and somehow in love. Maybe in love with life, with love itself or simply with yourself.

Love means self-love

Even if self-infatuation always has a negative connotation, self-love is an important basis for any other love relationship. Only those who love themselves can really love another person. Often we treat ourselves the hardest, criticize ourselves and do not like a lot about us. At the same time, we expect another person to take us as we are. However, no one can give us the love that we withhold from ourselves. Self-love is, therefore, an important, if not the most important, a prerequisite for a happy life.

Self-love means putting your own feelings first and not submitting to others. A bit of healthy selfishness is also part of it. Self-love means that you recognize and fulfill your own needs and give yourself the recognition and respect that you want from others. Loving yourself means that you treat yourself as lovingly and attentively as you treat your best friend, partner, child, or beloved pet. All the compliments, words of affection and encouragement that you give to others, you should not withhold from yourself. Do you think you are unable to do this? Think again. After all, you do give the people you care about your love, in spite of all their quirks.

How about if you wrote yourself a love letter to inaugurate spring? Take a beautiful sheet and write a manifesto of self-love. Take time for yourself, get to know yourself and treat yourself lovingly. Ultimately, you are in an inseparable relationship with yourself, beyond death. Moreover, the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation upon which all the other relationships you sow will grow. No matter if family relationships, friendships or love relationships.

A ritual for the beginning of spring

How about a ritual to celebrate the beginning of spring? For thousands of years, people have used rituals to initiate new stages of life. Rituals are moments of transition in which the old dissolves and the new is celebrated. They use the power of the symbols not only to externally demonstrate and solidify the new beginning but also to bring about a change of consciousness deeply within the psyche.

Mark your start of spring with a very personal transition ritual. You will be surprised what a lasting effect it will have on your everyday life. Follow your intuition in how you perform your ritual. The important thing is that you make a conscious intention. Similar to New Year's resolutions for the New Year. What do you want for this new season? Be aware that you carry the seeds for everything you desire. All you have to do is decide which ones you water so that germs can sprout and plants can grow.

Rituals often take place in full moon nights, because during the full moon, the veil between this world and the spiritual world becomes more permeable. The full moon energy lasts for at least another week. You can also use the power of the moon for a few days after March 20 for your spring ritual.

We hope we gave you some tips and inspiration for the new season and wish you a beautiful start to spring!

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